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A group of archaeologists has discovered in Iceland a surprising reservoir viking , the oldest known on the island. According to experts, dates back to the year 800, about 70 years before the arrival of the territory’s earliest known inhabitants.

we Speak of two ancient buildings community that were unearthed in the outskirts of a village close to the fjord Stöðvarfjörður, in the east of Iceland .

The oldest building is at least 40 meters long and was used as a seasonal encampment for the hunters of the place, who were looking for walrus , basically.

“we Still don’t have the complete picture, since we need to complete the excavation of the farm more new before you can explore this oldest structure,” said Bjarni F. Einarsson , the lead archaeologist of the project, “Iceland Review”.

Were found, in addition, many decorative items, roman coins and the Middle East, beads, rings and small pieces of gold. As stated by Einarsson to “LiveScience”, the parts “of accounts, ornamental, silver, and ancient coins ever found in Scandinavia”.

it Is believed that these items were acquired through the trade of local resources, such as skins and meat of whales and walrus.

Legend and reality

The legend says that it was Ingolfur Arnarson the first to tread this island. His boat, which departed from Norway, had arrived at the coast in 874. And he would have been the first to settle in the place. A mythical history, but whose date had been corroborated by some archaeological remains. Although now everything has changed.

“We have found several sites in Iceland where we can confirm the presence of human beings before the year 874,” he assured Einarsson to the same magazine.