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The Municipality of Amsterdam will ban from July 1, the apartments for rent tourist whether individuals or Airbnb in three center districts of the 99 that has the Dutch capital, while maintaining the requirement to apply for a permit specific to each rental of a private residence to tourists in the rest of the city.

In the other 96 districts of Amsterdam , the tourist rental will only be authorized under very strict conditions , emphasized the city Council in a press release on this “unique step in the fight against the inconvenience they cause rents vacation”. The main measure is that only permitted for a maximum of 30 nights per year and under permission .

“residents must be able to live comfortably in your own neighborhood. In the streets already have to deal with the consequences of tourism. That is why it is important that the residents do not experience discomfort in their own environment on the part of tourists . This measure has the aim of contributing to this fight,” said the councillor Laurent Ivens.

The tourist rental of private housing has experienced a strong growth during the past few years, which means that one out of every 15 homes in Amsterdam has appeared on Airbnb and the supply of housing has multiplied by five, to about 25,000 commercials per month, other platforms for holiday rentals, according to official data.

last January, The city council of the city you have already decided to require an official permit to rent houses on Airbnb or other-like platform, a system of authorizations which costs 45 euros each time you want to rent and will apply now to the 96 districts of Amsterdam where he is authorized to lease out a home to tourists.

The violation of the rule entails a fine of 20.750 euros , since they are considered an “illegal hotel” rent the house without the permission of the city council.

in Addition, the home must be inhabited by the owners during the rest of the seasons and you can rent a maximum of thirty nights per year to a maximum of four guests at any one time , always with the obligation to inform the municipality that will proceed to rent the house to tourists during a time previously indicated.

The city conducted a survey among the residents of the districts to ask for their support of the measure to prohibit vacation rentals in these specific neighborhoods, and according to the result, published this Friday, 75% of the citizens of the capital are in favour of the measure .