Out of fear of the consequences of a hard Brexits the Japanese electronics group, Sony moved its European headquarters from the UK to the Netherlands. The administrative headquarters of Sony Europe will be relocated to the end of March from London to Amsterdam, a company spokesman said on Wednesday. The aim is “to avoid cumbersome customs procedures,” should the UK escape without an agreement on the future relations of the EU.

Sony had in the past year, a new company in the Netherlands to register and wants to integrate its European headquarters there. This is a legal step, to leave the European representative of Sony “in the EU”. The in the UK for Sony-working staff and the daily business should not be relocated.

Dyson and Panasonic’s seat

Sony’s rival Panasonic already had moved in the past year, its European headquarters from the UK to the Netherlands-from concern about tax problems around the Brexit. route On Tuesday, the vacuum cleaner also had manufacturer Dyson moved its headquarters from the UK to Singapore.

The company justified the step with the increased importance of Asia for his business. In Asia, a growing majority of customers, and all production sites, meanwhile, it was said.

the investment in the amount of 200 million pounds into a technology campus of the British airfield Hullavington and other planned spending in the UK will at the same time recorded. The British locations would be “in the future, the core center of creative scientific and engineering achievements of Dyson”.