Now, granted, we do not write that much about hockey. However, if they are in the U.s. the NHL be a wonderful thing to do, we did. Special thanks to Sonny Milano. The 23-year-old American, the Columbus Blue Jackets scored in the 3-2-stuntzege against the Dallas Stars and is a candidate for goal of the year.

at First, he played as a defender and through the legs, and then he did it to himself as a ‘panna’ to put the puck high into the goal to shoot. The commentators were going through the roof, and the “goal” was to many to share on social media. In the NHL, more clearly defined goal for yourself, like “get sick”.

Tip: make sure you view the replay of the goal at the end of the day.

More about the Bloopers & beauties of the Brazilian rookie is going viral with embarrassing story, Neymar and co. to laugh is broken: (My phone does not stop” Alone for the weekend to do football team bursts out of it after a joke in the locker room for A panna, a panna, and then, in a step-Barcelona-rounder scores a wondergoal from the à la Real Madrid, Premier League-champions league gives the assist in of sixteen, I… the competitor on the other side