There is this actor that everyone knows but not by name can be called. Play concise in addition to roles, a distinctive voice, or a special appearance, but somehow they never make it to the center of the spotlight. J. K. Simmons is one of them. For decades he finished with his sonorous Bass, and his rugged charm of the movies and TV series. As a lovable father of a pregnant teenager, he was seen in “Juno”, as the bell of the editor-in-chief of the “Daily Bugle” in the “Spider-Man”trilogy, and as the stoic police psychiatrist in Law and Order, as a merciless teacher in “Whiplash”. For this, he received a 2015 Oscar for best supporting actor.

But it is only now that he comes in a main role to the glory that is rightfully his for a long time. In the series “Counterpart,” he plays two editions of a man whose parallel universes, thanks to an emergency situation of international espionage the world suddenly overlap.

the scene of the series is Berlin, where Howard Silk (Simmons), a small-time civil servant at the United Nations. Silk is a friendly guy with no great ambitions, nourishes with touching devotion of his wife, Emily (Olivia Williams), after a car accident and is in hospital in a coma. At each visit he provides a flower from the bouquet for his wife at the nurse’s station in a Vase, and when Olivia’s brother Eric (Jamie Bamber), a signature will be required to pass Emily in the care of their mother to England, is reluctant to Howard for a long time.

An interesting Twist

Silk is not a fighter. For three decades, he met his good job, and even a small deviation from the communication Protocol to cost him a long-awaited promotion. To recognize the larger contexts is denied to Howard until he gets into a shocking Situation, in which a second Howard is apparently: an exact copy of itself, which originated in a parallel world after an Experiment by GDR agents in 1987, and since then developed independently. The other Howard is externally, the mirror image of Silk, but a very different personality: a hard, cold type, an alpha animal with a habit of contempt for his environment.