Exciting Annual Cattle Drive Thrills Downtown Amarillo

The streets of downtown Amarillo were filled with excitement as the annual Coors Cowboy Club Cattle Drive and Parade took place. Spectators were thrilled to see a variety of attractions, including miniature horses, classic cars, and even a cattle train of children. The event featured riders carrying flags, wagons from the American Quarter Horse Association, and even the iconic Big Moo from the Big Texan.

Gunslingers and Route 66 Pinup contestants added to the festive atmosphere, waving at the enthusiastic crowd. Longhorn steers and 60 Longhorn cattle made their way down Polk Street, accompanied by the colors of the United States and Texas. The event also included a chuckwagon and members of the Renaissance fair court riding in style.

The parade was a hit with families and parade fans alike, as they enjoyed the sights and sounds of the Coors Cowboy Club Cattle Drive and Parade. From classic trucks to old-fashioned gunfights, there was something for everyone to enjoy at this annual event in downtown Amarillo.