This is called a winning return. Many stars are known for their art. Cinema, sport, humour, music… They rose to fame with the public and were popular figures of their decade. If some fall back into anonymity, others have regained success in recent years.

Latest example with Amanda Lear. A key icon of the 1970s, the singer and muse of Salvador Dali marked several generations of fans with the disco style. “All these people who went dancing in a nightclub at the time, I meet them more at the pharmacy now!”, She remarks in an interview for Télé Star.

If you think the famous artist is going to retire, it’s not on the agenda. “My loud-mouthed character who laughs at everything is very popular”, assumes Amanda Lear before revealing her projects to our colleagues. “I’m preparing a new album of titles in French. I always try to surprise, to innovate”, explains the star approached to animate Les Molières with Alexis Michalik, next Monday April 24 on France 3.

In the meantime, Amanda Lear continues to make the crowds dance in clubs, in the evening, but also through the media. Indeed, the singer has been on the rise since her hit Follow Me, released in 1978 on her opus Sweet Revenge, illustrates Chanel’s advertising campaign for Coco Mademoiselle. “The next generation is finding it. It’s currently one of the most searched titles on the Shazam app.” A winning return that should ensure him a comfortable retirement.

Like singer and actress Amanda Lear, other stars have returned to success through their music. Some even hit the jackpot. Planet does the accounts in the slideshow.