as Always, following criticism from the transgender community, decided to get the Venus symbol to remove it from the packaging and from her pad, because it is also gender that will need to be able to have it. But it was not to the liking of the women.

After a number of complaints about discrimination, has, as Always, and we took the plunge: how to Venussymbool will be on the packaging of the sanitary napkin taken off. Transgender people have found, it is not possible that the female symbol was on it, as well the transgendered, who are not wife’s name on it. That is, they showed, inter alia, via Twitter, to the company, which responded that as of January 2020, and the symbol on the container will be placed.

this decision has been going down the wrong way, shot in the waist. Julie Bindel, who is in the United Kingdom is often taking place as the voice of women, says, that in Mail on sunday . “And the female symbol is removed from the packaging of the sanitary napkin, it is basically denying the fact that women exist.”

“We have been evolving in the direction of the elimination of women’s biology,” says Bindel. “That symbol has been used by the women. This is the coward of the company, and that is simply surrenders to that transactivisten.”

on social media, were complaints by parent company Procter & Gamble (P&G). The new criticism reacted to the company yet.