the Customers of Thomas Cook who have a package holiday booked with had also on Thursday not to go. It’s already been communicating with people of today/Wednesday to stay at home. For the day it will depend on what the situation is with the tour operator’s evolving,” said Mark De Vriendt of the Travel Guarantee fund. De Vriendt is also hoped that on Wednesday, a liquidator is appointed to you. “At this moment in time, we will sail blind, and we don’t have all the necessary information.”

The priority of the fund will be for the people who are stuck in a destination for a vacation. On Wednesday the times, according to De Vriendt’s already almost a 1,000 people.

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for The past couple of days had the fund been some 1,500 applications from people who are on their journey to be refunded to get. “However, this is currently not our top priority,” stresses De Vriendt. “People have been up to two year from the date of their claim, as it is now, so it is not an emergency.”

you can Get the Guarantee all of gebolwerkt? “We have seven employees, but it will get the help from external service providers. I’m not going to tell you that everything is 100 per cent successful, but its main focus is currently on men in Belgium,” said De Vriendt. “This traveller is back from Tunisia where we are on Tuesday, no aircraft found. The fund has paid for their accommodation for the night of Tuesday to Wednesday.”

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On the web site of the fund is included what are the return flights on Wednesday to be organised. Later on the same day will also see the return flights, which is scheduled for Thursday on the website.

Tuesday night was that Thomas Cook Belgium is approximately 13.400 customers with a destination for a vacation.

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