Affligem –

Also, the Walter’s account of the lord mayor of the Flemish Brabant, Affligem, vying for the presidency of the CD&V. as The most advanced versions of the general public, which is known as ‘Kabouter Plop’ and the mayor’s ‘Samson and Gert’, is the fifth candidate who is ” out ” as a candidate for president of the Flemish christian-democrats.

now, It remains a candidate-presidents of rain, when the Flemish christian-democratic party. After Katrien Partyka, Vincent Van Peteghem, They Terwingen, and Sammy Mahdi, there is now a fifth candidate, in order to, Wouter Beke, to do the same.

Walter’s Thunder, since 2011, the mayor of the Flemish Brabant, Affligem, but it is for the general public, is perhaps best known for his roles as mayor of the city in the Samson and Gert and Kabouter Plop’.

the Stem Dorpstraat sound is not loud enough to be in the Rue de la loi,”

In a video message posted on YouTube, tells The account of why he is a candidate. “I am concerned for our party, and I’m anxious to get the CD&V. Because of the voice of the Dorpstraat is not loud enough to sound, in the Rue de la loi. The people have to understand it’s not what it’s about, and if you don’t, then you are in the faith will be lost. I want to get involved in our party. I just want to ask me for the CD&V, that is, that it is within the CD&V to better listen and would be out to the Dorpstraat,” says The account.

The Bugger is, that the CD&V, the “opposites (should) go beyond” and “kruispuntdenken” to do. “We need to be with each other, engage in a dialogue. And together, we’ll engage in a dialogue, there is creativity and it is going to be your voice in the Dorpstraat is loud enough to be heard in the Rue de la loi,” says The account of it in his video.

“I’m going to have to get down on the way in which I as the mayor have to work to go through first a good listener, you need to understand how the range of the stem is, once again, to listen, and then make your mind up. We’re going to do it on the street and online, as the world has not been standing still. In this way, I want to be working together with our members, our party is more”, concludes The account.

It is not yet clear whether the candidates will appear for the CD&V’s presidency of the european union. Who is Wouter Beke wants to succeed, they need to be at Monday morning as a candidate. Therefore, with the support of the three local branches, two regions and one province is required.

for More on the CD&V, All five of the candidate presidents, but the CD&V should begin to pray for it to be a strong leader of the Flemish task force on Brexit will be Monday at each other and Sammy Mahdi is throwing itself in the battle for the chairmanship (CD&V Raf Terwingen third party candidate for the presidency (CD&V)