Also in september it may be exceptionally dry It is hoping for a wet fall wet winter and a wet spring
Also in september it may be exceptionally dry It is hoping for a wet fall wet winter and a wet spring

as The days of summer started on a Sunday, really is over. In time for the fall, and experts are hoping that it is a lot of rain. This is because even if it’s not this month, every day it rains, it will be by the end of september, is still the twenty days and less rain than the average. “We are for the third year in a row, a situation that is very unique. Hopefully it’s going to talk about this during the government negotiations.”

from the beginning of January, and at the end of september, it is raining in sint-genesius-rode an average of 144 days. At this time, we’re sitting at 115. Even if it’s still raining, are we still on twenty days in a row. This is a gap that is larger than the average number of rainy days in the wettest month.

if we Look at the rainfall, then we have to. “There has been an average of neerslagtekort of up to 300 mm, which is the last one-hundred years to the age of 20 years occurred,” said Patrick Wilson, a professor of hydrology at the university of Leuven in belgium. “Last year, there has been a shortage of up to 350 millimetres, which is once every 40 or 50 years to happen. And by 2017, there was a situation in which, in the past, but even at the age of 20 years was made.”

in August, a few local showers, but that is sufficient only to allow the plant to water the garden. According to the Flemish environment agency, which were also deeper soil moisture, and groundwater, February). Also in september, has remained up to now very, very dry. “It will probably rain for the next few weeks, but it is not enough to have to catch up,” says the weather man, David Dehenauw.

the Backlog is too large:

Still a chance that the autumn will begin, so to say. Since then we can reduce the amount of swimming pools, and the farmers will have less water for their crops – the harvest is ripe, and the inside. “However, in order for the deficit to be complete, we should be hoping for a wet fall and a wet winter and a wet spring,” says Wilson. “In the best-case scenario, we will get to 200 millimeters of more water than you normally would. Otherwise, like it’s a wet summer.”

The backlog has become so big that we better be prepared for something like that, and the lack of water, it will remain the same. “We’ll have to get used to the situation, not the age of 20 years, but rather every 4 to 5 years will be avoided,” says Patrick Wilson. “It is the duty of the government to make our country accordingly. Hopefully, it’s on the table during the government negotiations, because as a rich country, you can’t make it to the waterbesparingsmaatregelen on it. We have the know-how to offer real-world solutions.”

To be more resistant to droughts and to private households, farmers and industrial companies in their effort to conserve water. There is also a need for a less hardness, so that the ingress of water into the soil. “And regenwaterputten and basins, we have come up with, and there is more water to buffer. And a greater focus on re-use,” says Wilson.

for More about the Drought, the Flemish farmers are nearly 31 million in compensation for the drought in 2018, with the Farmers hoping to be recognized as a landbouwramp caused by the heat wave even worse than feared”, International research activities, an alarming lack of water; in Belgium, subject: “Everything is in order, but now it is no longer” Waterexpert: “It’s bone-dry, in Flanders, and that it is our own guilt.”