Due to a data breach at Facebook have had hundreds of Apps in September for several days to far-reaching access to photos of several million members of the Online network. This also includes images that users upload on Facebook servers, but have not posted, as Facebook announced on Friday.

in addition, photos from the trading platform Marketplace, as well as the Facebook Stories, where users images and Videos were affected for a day for your friends can post. The Apps have been allowed to have gifts in accordance with the issued free actually only have access to the images, the users had shared in their Timeline.

The gap I have from the 13. up to the age of 25. September passed, said Facebook. According to current estimates, up to 6.8 million of a total of more than two billion users could be affected. Access to the photos could have had up to 1500 Apps from 876 developers.

the prerequisite was that the user logged in to the Apps about the Facebook-Log-in and access to the Timeline-pictures have been granted. The concerned Facebook members are now to be informed.