Almost half of the Belgians (44%), it has, over the past three months, a meal for home delivery, according to a survey by consumer organisation Test-achats. “With the reasonable prices to make that a very, very large audience to have access to services such as Deliveroo, the Uber Eats, or” is the. “On average, on a per-order 11,30 euro per person to be spent.”

with The popularity of the food served in-house, allows for a slight change in our eating habits. “14% say less and less to cook during the week, and 16 percent in the weekend and less time in the kitchen, too. Almost one in five (18%) feel less and less at the restaurant to go to, less than 14 percent do it that way.”

The main stumbling block appears to be the time of delivery. More than one in three (35%) of their meals to get more than a five-minute delay is provided. Despite this, the Belgians are in general quite satisfied with the service.

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