Thirty percent of all interactions with people who find out about her twin sister end negatively for one woman. She describes getting tons of inappropriate questions.

“I am so very tired of identical twins being completely objectified and dehumanized,” claims a woman who has a twin sister. This happens to her almost daily, according to her post on the social media platform Reddit.

The woman describes the emotional burden of having identical twins whose appearance is constantly being scrutinized. She writes how she and her sister have been confronted with comparisons, judgments and insensitive comments throughout their lives.

In the Reddit post, the user complains that “about 30 percent of people” asked her questions about her twin’s appearance and attractiveness. Comments that directly compared the twins’ physical appearance were particularly stressful. This constant assessment and public criticism made it difficult for her to develop self-confidence, especially during her teenage years.

The woman explained that “the sheer number of times” her appearance was discussed still affects her today. In addition, her sister was driven to an eating disorder by constantly being called “the fat twin” even though both women are petite. One of the two is also constantly referred to as “the pretty twin” by friends.

The author of the article has since sought therapeutic support and lives in a different city than her sister, which helps her to develop self-confidence. However, she emphasized that she loves her sister and would not want to miss out on their twin relationship despite the difficulties.

She asks the reader, should they ever meet a pair of identical twins, not to make physical comparisons. After all, it is rather unusual to say to non-multiples: “Your teeth are more crooked” or “Your skin is not as clear as theirs.”

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