The American actor and Oscar-winner Kevin Spacey will be held accountable to a sexual assault before the court. Spacey will on 7. January heard before the judge at the district court of Nantucket, Massachusetts to allegations of indecent behaviour and assault, said the Prosecutor on Monday. It is believed that the alleged sexual assault of an 18-Year-olds in a Restaurant in the year 2016.

The Prosecutor did not call the name of the alleged victim. The former news anchor Heather Unruh had declared in the past year, however, that the police are investigating Spacey, because he had urges her son on the holiday island of Nantucket, two years ago, allegedly alcohol and then sexually grip had become.

The actor had bought your son a Drink after the next. Then he had put “his Hand in the trousers of my son and his genitals used”. As Spacey was, later, went to the toilet, I used your son the opportunity to escape, and his sister later told.

Spacey bizarre Video

Apparently in response to the notification of the court date published Spacey on Christmas eve a Video on his Youtube channel. This first public statement since, according to the will of the accusations against him more than a year ago, many of the puzzles on there. In a kitchen, Spacey, wearing a Santa Claus apron is addressed directly to the camera in the style of his role as President Frank Underwood from the series “House of Cards”. In the three-minute monologue, he blurs apparently, the boundaries between his character was written out of the series, and the real events.

“you have me married, even though you knew you shouldn’t do that,” he says. “But we are not finished with each other, no matter what anyone says. And I know what you want. You want me back.“ Towards the end it says: “I have not paid the price for things that we both know that I’ve done. So I’m not going to pay the price for things that I’ve done.“

a Lot of accusations

In the fall of 2017, were put forward numerous accusations of sexual Assault against the 59-year-old Spacey. The actor Anthony Rapp (of”Star Trek: Discovery”) was specified to be at the age of 14 years in the 1980s, was sexually molested. At London’s Old Vic theatre, Spacey should have been in his time as artistic Director, according to Reports, at least 20 men molested. In England investigations are underway.