It was in 2004 on the set of the film Grande École, directed by Robert Salis that actress Alice Taglioni met actor Jocelyn Quivrin. Love at first sight is immediate between the two French stars. More in love than ever, they gave birth to their first child, Charlie, on March 18, 2009. Unfortunately, eight months after the birth of the latter, a tragic event will disrupt the quiet life of this little family.

On November 15, 2009, his companion Jocelyn Quivrin, known for his role in the film Lol, was the victim of a terrible car accident. At the wheel of his Ariel Atom, he collided head-on with the wall of a Saint-Cloud tunnel in Paris. The 30-year-old actor died of his injuries. It is the police who will announce the sad news to the star a few hours later.

“There are at least three things that make it possible to count on her not to collapse: first of all, she is a woman with a very strong character, who does not run out of steam, with her, you have to There’s also Charlie: when you have a child that’s still so young, you have to go, it helps not to flinch. Finally, she knows better than anyone that Jocelyn himself would never have accepted that she lets go“, said a relative in the columns of Gala.

Three years after her disappearance, this single mother had agreed to pour out on her role as a mother to our colleagues from Current Woman. “I am anxious for nothing. When the nanny does not answer the phone immediately, I am sometimes tempted to call the police. But I am taking care of myself. No question of transmitting my fears to my son! (…) “Becoming a mother is the best thing that has ever happened to me. When he was born, I was ready to take care of someone other than myself, because I had already experienced enough personal satisfaction in my previous life. Now I have an oversized ego for my son!” she explained.


After the disappearance of her companion, actor Jocelyn Quivrin in 2009, Alice Taglioni becomes very discreet about her love life. It was not until 2014 that the young woman made the front page of the people press on the arm of her supposed new companion, the presenter of JT Laurent Delahousse.

The two lovers would have met on July 15, 2012 on the set of the 8 p.m. television news on France 2 on the occasion of the release of her new film Paris-Manhattan in which she plays alongside Patrick Bruel. Love at first sight would have been immediate between the two stars. A journalist will even say: “Sometimes a meeting is enough to change the situation”. Not wanting to appear publicly, the couple will remain very discreet in the media and the press. In February 2016, they became parents of their first child, a girl named Swann then a boy named Lini during the winter of 2019-2020.

Two other men are also important in the life of actress Alice Taglioni. They are his two brothers Samuel and Simon. Little is known about his brother Samuel. On the other hand, his second brother Simon is well known in the entertainment world. Just like his sister, he followed the path of cinema.

Simon Taglioni starred in the film Our ruthless universe in which his sister Alice Taglioni and her companion at the time Jocelyn Quivrin also shot, but also in the hit series Plus belle la vie in 2006 where he played the role of a certain Gauthier Amblin. Today, he would have changed his life and specialized in entrepreneurship. In 2014, he released a “good breath in the office” kit concept, reports our colleagues from Current Woman.