While some frown upon the war on horsepower that American automakers have been waging for many years with their muscle cars, going electric is unlikely to slow this horsepower escalation. Add Alfa Romeo to the growing list of manufacturers who want their place at the forefront of electric performance.

The president of the illustrious Italian brand, Jean-Philippe Imparato, recently confirmed that the next generation of its compact sedan Giulia will be electric and will offer a version of 1000 metric hp. That’s nearly double the cavalry of the current generation Quadrifoglio livery with a 2.9L twin-turbocharged V6 and most importantly, the figure evens out the power of the extraordinary Bugatti Veyron when it was introduced in 2005. other liveries of this electric Giulia will have 350 hp and 800 hp, according to the big boss of the manufacturer. The targeted range will border on 700 km in the European cycle, according to what Autocar magazine has learned.

To support the power supply, the car will have an 800 V electrical architecture. The STLA electric modular chassis will provide the basis for this spectacular relaunch, which is scheduled for 2025. In parallel, Alfa Romeo is preparing its return to the mid-size sedan segment with a new electric model featuring the same mechanics. Necessary, probably not, but we can only rejoice to see such plans for such a charismatic brand, but whose future was compromised by its low popularity.