Alexandre Brasseur leaves Sète for an evening. The interpreter of Alex Bertrand, well known to fans of Tomorrow belongs to us on TF1, is the hero of the TV movie Meurtres à Pont-Aven broadcast this Saturday March 18, 2023 on France 3. A new part in which he shares the poster with Astrid Ross and Stephane Freiss.

What is the plot of this thriller filmed in Brittany? “Suzanne Saroc, painter, was burned alive in her studio. Twenty years later, this drama will resurface on the occasion of the homicides of two gallery owners in the same city”, can we read in the summary. “The investigation is led by Marion (Astrid Roos), Suzanne’s daughter, and by Antoine Le Mezec (Alexandre Brasseur), who was in charge of the investigations at the time”.

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A new composition role for Alexandre Brasseur (real name Espinasse), born into a family of artists. Son of actor Claude Brasseur (La Boum, Camping…), he is also the grandson of actors Pierre Brasseur and Odette Joyeux. Like his great-grandparents, actors George Albert Espinasse and Nelly Brasseur. Famous members with whom the 51-year-old comedian is linked by a great artistic heritage.

Interviewed in Télé 7 Jours, Alexandre Brasseur recognizes that he is spoken to “regularly” about his resemblance to his illustrious father, who died in December 2020 at the age of 84. “I think, honestly, that it makes people happy to find a bit of Claude in me. For some, there is a bit of Pierre (his paternal grandfather) too. But, unfortunately, there are no longer many of them”.

Popular star of the small screen, Alexandre Brasseur is much adored by his fans. However, only a few women have shared the life of the fifties. In 1987, he was in first class when he met Juliette, a year his junior, during an evening in the mountains. “Juliette was the very pretty girl from high school who was one of the ‘targets’ in Neuilly, where she lived. That evening, on winter sports vacation, I remember having taken her on Born in the USA. And I fell in love right away, very quickly, very hard. To death,” he told Gala magazine.

His secret weapon to conquer the heart of the beauty? “By showing off in a nightclub, playing the air guitar like crazy on the dance floor, at the Caves du Roy, in Courchevel”, according to comments quoted by Closer in 2021. From this long history of love were born their children Jeanne and Louis, now in their twenties. But, the couple recently divorced and the comedian has rebuilt his life.

On April 1, 2021, the hero of Tomorrow belongs to us revealed his relationship with a mysterious stranger, through a photo facing the sea posted on his Instagram page. Some time later, we learned that he found love again with this woman named Isabelle Regourd, a communication officer for the TF1 series and image agent, who was the wife of Stéphane Hénon (Plus belle la vie ) according to his biography on

Fulfilled in his career and in his couple, Alexandre Brasseur is also a father close to his two children. Discreet about his private life, he sometimes indulges in a few confidences in the media. With Téléstar in May 2021, the actor confided that he “was a very present father, very involved” in the education of Jeanne and Louis.

“As much as I may have struggled to find my place as a son. As much as I may have struggled to find my place as a son, as much as a dad, it was obvious”, said the son from Michèle Cambon and Claude Brasseur to our colleagues. Two years earlier, for Paris Match, Alexandre Brasseur revealed that his daughter was passing her baccalaureate and that her son would live in Spain.

The opportunity for this comedian, who hates the expression “son of”, to confirm his words. “Despite my absences for work, I was very present and very involved in their education. I did the job as best as I could”, and to recognize. “Obviously, I probably made mistakes, we all make them, but I’m very proud to see them take off. For me, that’s transmission.”