Off to Paraguay! This Thursday, March 16 is broadcast the fifth episode of Beijing Express, The secret choice, hosted by Stéphane Rotenberg on M6. After the end of their (very hot) journey in Bolivia, the six pairs still in the running will discover the little-known Paraguayan lands of the South American continent.

Among the outstanding candidates of season 17 of Beijing Express, the sisters Alexandra and Laura are favorites, while the pair of unknowns Angie and Nathalie, drafted after the previous non-elimination stage, will be accompanied by a former candidate, Etienne. But another duo is also doing well: strategist lovers Alexandre and Chirine.

Originally from the Paris region, these two candidates have known each other for a long time. They were first friends for a dozen years before falling in love with each other. Seven months after the formalization of their couple, Alexandre and Chirine have been living together for a short time. A life together that could hold surprises for them, especially by participating in Beijing Express.

From the first stages of their adventure in Bolivia, the thirty-somethings faced tensions within their couple. As during the zip line passage where Alexandre refused to do the test, wiping the anger and the disappointment of his companion. Or even during the tasting of peppers, during the episode of March 9, sowing discord in their pair.

Despite the disputes, Alexander and Shirin prove to be formidable adversaries. To their credit, the strategist lovers have won an immunity test (in the Uyuni salt desert) and finished in second place at each end of the stage behind the “dog and cat” sisters or their Belgian rivals, the couple Jason and Paloma. Will the Parisians have more chances on their debut in Paraguay?

Before finding them this evening on M6, Alexandre and Chirine are regulars on the small screen. If the first makes a career in music and has released several music videos, the second dreams of being an actress and has even played on television. Questioned by Télé-Loisirs, the candidate reveals to have made an appearance in a cult series of TF1.

“I also made small appearances on TF1 on Here it all starts in episodes already broadcast”, she confessed to our colleagues, specifying. “I did two small roles with Aurélie Pons (Salomé), and with Teyssier (Benjamin Baroche), we were outside, he confused me and I left the master class”, continues the one who dreams of playing in the cinema , and shares his many TV projects on Instagram. Planet reveals some photos of the strategist couple in our slideshow.