Alexander Zverev’s Domestic Abuse Case Discontinued After Settlement

German tennis star Alexander Zverev’s trial regarding domestic abuse allegations from his former girlfriend has been halted after a settlement was reached between the parties. The Tiergarten District Court in Berlin revealed that the trial was discontinued as a result of an agreement between Zverev and his ex-partner.

The world number four was previously fined 450,000 euros after being accused of physically abusing his former partner. Zverev denied the allegations and contested the penalty order, leading to a public trial that commenced on May 31st.

Despite the trial being scheduled to resume, both Zverev and his former girlfriend, with whom he shares a child, decided to bring an end to the proceedings. While the court emphasized that the termination does not constitute a verdict on guilt or innocence, it was influenced by the complainant’s desire to conclude the trial.

Zverev’s representatives confirmed that the Olympic champion agreed to terminate the case to expedite the process. The dismissal does not imply an admission of guilt, with Zverev being required to pay 200,000 euros, a portion of which will be allocated to non-profit organizations.

Following the settlement, Zverev expressed his relief at the conclusion of the trial, stating his trust in the German legal system. The trial, initially set to extend until mid-July, was adjourned last week to address the defense’s request for confidential evidence proceedings.

Zverev’s successful performance at the French Open further underscored his focus on tennis amidst the legal proceedings. Wimbledon, commencing on July 1st, will now be a pivotal moment for Zverev as he navigates the aftermath of the discontinued trial.