They were often asked for, and said finally: Hooverphonic, represents the next years of our country at the Contest in Rotterdam, the netherlands. “Winning is not a goal in and of itself.”

The question was asked for the fourth time, or Hooverphonic, really didn’t want to make our country to be represented at the euro song contest. Over the past few years, the belgian is a ‘not’ to sleep, but this time it was different. “Because we have now the best number to have,” says Alex Callier. The one that he wrote himself, with a for a long time as stated in cowriter .

What ‘the best song’ sounds like you need to have a bit of patience, practise, and this will only be out next year, will be presented. Even if it is something up-tempo or a ballad, is still a mystery. For now, we have to make do with approximations, as “the perfect crossover”. A natural mix of alternative music with a broad range of the … “It is also at the core of Hooverphonic. This is the reason why we are on just about every radio station has to be done. Been to underestimate the importance of the act,” says Callier.

this is the first time that Alex Callier, and, by extension, Hooverphonic, participate in a contest. “And we’re going to go for a hit, with 200 million viewers. If you have set the bar somewhere quickly, you will be able to better height. Though we try to make it up for ourselves, be sober and watch: we’re bringing the new a single, and that during a tv appearance. (laughs) to Gain, then, is not an end in itself, we can focus better on the core business: for the best performance and the best of these songs.”

And if it’s really bad? “Take a look at the evening only the line-up, it was in ’91 in Rome, ” ‘Give it in’ sixteen, with less than 23 points, (ed.) . Men still laugh, don’t you.”

the Netherlands

However, aside from the fact that all the band members are fans of the liedjeswedstrijd even touches the Door. Callier wrote A matter of time is the entry that Sennek in 2018 and did not advance to the finals, and the singer is Luka Cruysberghs took part in the Junior Eurovision. Not so long ago in fact, but at the beginning of 2013, when she was barely twelve years of age. That’s what she did with Happiness , by Hooverphonic. We have come full circle.

in The VRT has to do with the choice of Hooverphonic, which is also very popular in both the landshelften, are also taken into account in the Netherlands. Even though our neighbors in this year’s hoofdvogel afschoten with the relatively unknown, He didn’t know The build they have, for some years, with an excellent reputation, with experienced leaders, as since that time, The Common Linnets, including, among others, Ilse de lange. And also the Callier sees a trend: “After the Contest several years in a circus, was there recently, very much attention to the genuinely good songs.”

Hooverphonic will soon be touring through Central and Eastern Europe. You can already vote, star.