Alec and Hilaria Baldwin to Showcase Family Life in New Reality Show

Alec and Hilaria Baldwin have announced their new reality show, “The Baldwins,” featuring their family of nine on TLC.

The couple shared a teaser on Instagram, giving a glimpse into their life with their seven kids. The video showcases the busy household dynamics and promises to show the ups and downs of their family life.

The Baldwin children, ranging in age from 19 months to 28 years, will be featured in the show, offering viewers a look into their daily routines and adventures.

The decision to do a reality show comes after Alec faced legal troubles in connection with the Rust shooting incident in 2021. Despite the challenges, the couple is excited to share their authentic family life with the audience.

Stay tuned for more updates on “The Baldwins” and get ready to join the family on their journey through parenthood and beyond.