Fresh oysters, venison medallions or champagne, is Christmas a large number of fine dining this year again in the shelves of Aldi, Lidl and co. The little luxury to the Festival has developed to become an integral part of the offer of the discounters. No wonder, because at no other time of the year, German consumers ready to spend so much money.

“in The weeks before Christmas for the food retailers, the most important in the whole year. In the Christmas week of sales for the discounters is increasing by 30 percent compared to an average week, for super markets by nearly 60 percent,“ says Hogen, the trade expert of the market researcher Nielsen, Fred.

According to a Nielsen study, 97 percent of German citizens Christmas with good food connect, “only” 90 percent with gifts. On average, German households want to spend this year, about 117 euros for the food of the feast days, revealed a recent survey by the consulting firm Deloitte.

range of Premium products for the Christmas season expanded

from it as much as possible off, have strengthened the discounters Hogen, according to their range of Premium products for the Christmas season for years. “With the touch of luxury you want to show to the super markets flag,” says the industry expert. However, despite these efforts, the time to stay in front of the Firmly the domain of the supermarkets such as Edeka or Rewe.

“Before Christmas, the money sits looser than usual. You want to afford something. The super markets and consumer markets benefit,“ says Hogen. “Their market share is increasing in the days before Christmas significantly from a normal 54 to 59 percent.” The Discounter has benefited all in all, the consumption – but significantly less. Their market share declining in the days before the Feast of 46 to 41 percent.

It also, the little luxury that stops in front of the Fixed feed in the discount shelves, which can change only a little. According to the Figures from Nielsen, sales in the discounters, with the in-house precious products from the beef tenderloin to the noble Barolo from Italian vineyards are in the past Christmas sales even decreased: “The small luxury from the discounters will no longer have the traction like they used to.”