Verhuurplatform Airbnb is going to extra efforts to ensure that non-authorized parties in rented homes to a minimum. That ceo Brian Chesky on Saturday announced that, after a tragedy at a halloween party last Thursday.

Thursday night, came on a shooting rampage, five people were killed in Orinda, near San Francisco, california. Several people were killed or wounded. The incident occurred in a house that was being rented out through Airbnb. More than a hundred people were present that evening at the party.

“What happened Thursday night happen in Orinda, California, is a terrible thing,” writes co-founder and the head of Airbnb, Brian Chesky, in a series of tweets. “From today, the ban we feesthuizen, ” and we are doubling our efforts in order to non-authorized parties, to control and to prevent misuse of the landlord, and a guest, including the allegations that led to the horrific events in Orinda.”

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in Order to do so, is Airbnb, among others, the manual screening and increase bookings with a high degree of risk, which are detected by the risicodetectietechnologie. Furthermore, the company will have a team set up that you can intervene if there is a problem, and it will impose sanctions on users who are the parties of non-compliance.

“We have to do our best for you, and we’ll do it,” says Chesky yet. “This is not acceptable.”

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