Top start for the summer holidays. If you plan to fly in the coming months, for leisure or for business, be careful when choosing your seats. On the famous social network TikTok, the account @laxtoluxury, relayed by Current Woman, advises not to take the window seat. The reason ? This proximity to the window exposes you much more to UV rays.

Only here: if the window of an airplane is small, it is also much closer to the ozone layer when you are in the air. Thus, the rays can represent a real danger for your health. The Cancer Council, quoted by the magazine, notes that pilots and cabin crew have more melanoma than other crew members.

If you still appreciate the proximity to the landscape and the possibility of taking a nap with your head resting against the window, rest assured: you can sit in this place while protecting yourself from UV rays. Just put on sunscreen to avoid any risk. In fact, sunscreen is a must every time you fly, summer or winter.

Be careful, however, to take a bottle suitable for the cabin: only liquids with a volume of less than 100ml are accepted on board, so plan a mini format to avoid sunburn! Don’t forget to reapply sunscreen regularly if you’re on a long flight: you’re now ready for a trip through the air, window or aisle.