Air Fryer: 7 Foods Not to Cook in the Air Fryer


Frying without oil is possible. Lovers of breaded chicken and fries know that they have to be careful with their consumption, because these are foods that are cooked in oil and are therefore not the best for your health. What if the problem was solved with the hot air fryer, also called Air Fryer? Lidl surprised the French by marketing this device in January 2021, which is far from new on the market.

The hot air fryer is made up of an electrical resistance that heats the air and cooks the food thanks to fans that circulate it throughout the tank. No more need for fat and no more risk of burning your fingers with boiling oil, all you have to do is put your food in the device and let it do its job. The company Philips even presents it as a “small convection oven”, so similar is its operation. The difference is that the air fryer can fit on your kitchen counter.

While oil fryers only allow you to fry food, hot air fryers provide several types of cooking, since they can roast and grill. Fries of course, but also meat, vegetables, fish… It can contain many foods and allows you to leave the kitchen with complete peace of mind when preparing the meal, since it takes care of everything. Be careful, because if it can cook many products, some foods should not be cooked in the hot air fryer. Planet lists it for you below.