Each year, on April 1, the aid and allowances paid by the Family Allowance Fund (Caf) and the Mutualité sociale agricole (MSA) are revalued. In 2022, these social benefits had experienced an exceptional increase of 4%, due to galloping inflation which was eating away at – and still eating away at – the purchasing power of French women and men. According to information from AFP, the revaluation of minima and social benefits will amount to 1.6% this year. In our slideshow below, discover all the aid affected by this increase.

As our colleagues from Capital remind us, this figure corresponds to the traditional calculation formula. “The level of the revaluation is determined according to the annual change in consumer prices excluding tobacco. The calculation is smoothed over two years since it is necessary to make the difference between the average measured from February in year N-1 to January of year N and the average going from February of year N-2 to January of year N-1”, specifies the magazine specializing in economic news.

The annual calendar of revaluations is very strict. Here are the new changes expected for 2023: