After a very dry, 2018, the recovery of the sales of Flemish agricultural and horticultural sectors this year. But the cost will increase. As a result, its profitability is below the average of the last five years or so. This is evident from the results that the Farmers ‘ association on Thursday suggests. “The Flemish agriculture and horticulture sector has failed to rise rapidly due to the charge on to the next link in the food chain.”

The Line was the end of the summer, a review of the year, and asked for an estimate for 2019. Sales are up this year by 4 per cent., proves, that the general increase in large differences lies in the specialist areas and sectors.

for example, there is the poultry sector by 2019, with prijzendruk to braadkippen, as a result of rising imports from Ukraine, Brazil, and the eggs turned out to be lower, due to pathogenic avian influenza. In the beef and veal sector, holding of the financial crisis. The yields for potatoes, cereals, sugar beets, and vegetables as they are normal. “Well, there is a better, more internationally-driven formation of prices for pork and milk, within the livestock sector,” says the Farmers ‘ union, in a press release.

Is apples and pears are less cost-effective.

But, along with the revenue, so the cost for the second year in a row, which is 2 percent of the time. “Due to the drought of the previous year, increased feed costs and prices of seeds and planting materials.” The drought of this year was mainly effects of the late potatoes, and industriegroenten that have been harvested need to be made. The heat is provided, so that you can zonnebrandschade to apples.

“Nevertheless, were the costs for fertilizers and plant protection products use, the up. Also, there is still a shortage on the labour market and shows itself more and more felt. In the Flemish agriculture and horticulture sector has failed to rise rapidly due to the charge on to the next link in the food chain,” according to the Farmers ‘ union.

Partly as a result, continues to be the profitability to 2019, below the five-year average. Due to the sharp price declines, especially in the profitability of apples and pears, did you?

The Farmers ‘ union noted that farmers and growers are becoming more specialized, and that it is not only the benefits but also the risks. “In concrete terms, there is a need for more co-operation and the sharing of costs and risks in the supply chain, and more, tailor made solutions for a consistent policy.”
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