Claude Dornier belongs to the German pioneers of Flight. World famous whale in the twenties, for example, the water-plane “”. The aircraft company was later sold by the heirs, however, and is now merged into other companies.

Martin Hock

editor in the economy.

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The family branch of Silvius Dornier in 2005, founded a Family Office to manage assets. In the best conservative fashion, it was specialized in investments in agriculture. Seven years ago they decided to open for investors from the outside, and the service provider Do Investment.

“We wanted a clean separation of the Family Office and financial services providers,” says Dirk Rüttgers, CEO of Do Investment. “Do Investment manages the assets of the Family Office according to the same principles as the third-party investors.”

The way in which Agricultural Investments took its start with an Eco-agriculture in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania. “The estate Manager Weingut supported us in our investments in Agriculture today,” said Rüttgers. It has swept Germany for a long time back. “The prices are in this country increased, as well as in the core of Europe is exorbitant. Where you have paid for a hectare of still 8000 Euro, today it’s 50,000.“

the way in which Agricultural Investments

that’s Why it was addressed some time ago in Romania. With all due caution and consideration, of course. “We check the conditions in advance is always intense, in order to exclude risks. Of course, the Problem of corruption is unresolved. But the country offers a well-educated workforce and investor-friendly.“ And with 5000 to 7000 Euro for the acres of Land is still comparatively cheap. Also in terms of the land register in Germany have little advantages.

It are similar to the reasons that have brought Do recently to invest in Uruguay. For five years you’ve verified on the spot. The legal situation in Brazil, Argentina or Chile for foreign investors comparatively less favourable. The country’s advantages, such as a more stable currency, even if this had led to greater export competition.

But the situation on the market for agricultural land in Uruguay cheap, it was at present market is a buyers. “The land prices have fallen from around 12,000 to 5,000 to 8,000 dollars per hectare. This is due to the fact that Argentine land return to the owner, who wanted to bring their money once in Uruguay in safety, and now to Argentina. There, the soil is cheaper and better. For us as foreigners, it is legally not so easy to gain a foothold.“

7 to 9 percent returns

Do farmed the Land themselves, but work with selected local tenants. Local Expertise is very important, says Ruettgers. Soil testing in Romania, for instance, makes a local Geology Professor, the samples will be analysed in a laboratory in lower Saxony, Germany. And the fly has remained somehow connected to the compliance with the agreed fruit is monitored via satellite.