Federal agriculture Minister Julia Klöckner (CDU) has agreed with the industry-specific target agreements for the reduction of sugar, salt and fat in ready-made products up to 2025. “The food industry has obliged for the first time and wants to get in your steps check, to reduce sugar, fat and salt in processed foods”, said Klöckner on the “image”-newspaper. “This has never happened before.”

according to The report, has committed to the industry of non-alcoholic soft drinks to reduce 15 per cent of sugar in their drinks. With the Association of cereals, flour and starch economy, Klöckner had negotiated that the industry is reduced to a minimum of 20 percent of sugar in children’s Breakfast cereals.

The dairy industry Association has been obliged, therefore, that for children advertised yogurt must be sugar than “normal” yogurt, which means a reduction of about ten percent sugar. The German deep-freeze Institute to be said, therefore, to reduce the salt content in pizza, so that all varieties are, on average, contain more than 1.25 grams of salt per 100 grams of Pizza.

Less salt in bread

The bakers undertook, according to the report, to reduce the salt content in bread with lots of salt. Although there would be no limit, but the focus will be on the breads that contain lots of salt. Also saturated fatty acids in the fried dough should be reduced accordingly. Here, the Ministry leave, among other things, explore how pastries can be fried, it absorbs less grease.

Klöckner said it had an agreement with the economy of one of the two sides signed a self-commitment. “It is an important building block, if not the sole. At the end of each is self-responsible.“ In the coming autumn there will be, therefore, the first success of the review. “If the economy doesn’t cooperate, we will consider further measures,” announced the Minister.