the sky, The sea. Blue Wide, spherical Deep promises to be induced optically by delicate petals. However, a pure hue, clear as the gentian on the mountain lake, is hard to come by in the plant Kingdom, at least among the cultivated perennials. Persian Speedwell in the grass or the plants to show what is in the case of wild plants, everything is possible. In romanticism, the blue flower of love, longing and infinity. Generations of rose breeders tried in vain to create a really blue variety, is the only a few years ago in Japan by genetic engineering, and here, too, the tone is rather subtle.

Karl Foerster dedicated to blue Blooming at the beginning of the forties of the last century, even a whole book. “Blue is the color of eternal hope, as Purple is the color of the well-established Resignation,” wrote the gardener. In the interpretation of dreams, the color Blue was put with Resignation in connection, perhaps, but also because much of what is blue, plays more into the Purple. All the same, Foerster, the perennial world is enriched to have unbeatable sounds, such as the Delphinium ’blue whale‘.

The line-leaf iris (Iris reticulata) on cold days, early in the year, a clear, radiant Blue, and the Staudenlein (Linum perenne) in the summer, a wonderful sky blue. It may be something spectacular that is planted in the blue willow rich (Veronica) ’Hermannshof‘, the of June in long slender candles. The sage (Salvia farinacea x longispicata) ’Indigo Spires‘ has a clear dark blue, and not only in bloom, but also in the Stem. The sage in bloom from may and can be in the proper place – in full sun and well – drained soil up to a Meter high and wide. Where the climate is mild and moist, thrives in the Tibetan blue poppy (Meconopsis) from the Himalayas, the delicate petals of the sky-blue. An almost other-worldly, to the ultra-violet end of the game is the color glories, before they are purple in the afternoon, when they wither, actually.