Arrested and beaten – media professionals in the United States under BeschussAn the protests against police violence and racism, there was already 279 violations of the freedom of the press. And this in a country that shows otherwise, with the Finger on other governments and on freedom of the press is of the essence.Alan Cassidy from Washington11 Kommentare11Ein protester shows accusing the police officials, while a Reporter in front of tear gas escapes: a Demonstration in Minneapolis on March 31. In may 2020.Photo: Carlos Barria (Reuters)

To include the unpleasant consequences of the protests that erupted in the USA after the death of the African-American George Floyd everywhere, the attacks on journalists reporting on these protests. According to a census of the Freedom of the Press Foundation and the Committee to Protect Journalists, it is since the beginning of the unrest to come 279 violations of the freedom of the press. 67 journalists have been physically assaulted, 40 reported attacks with tear gas, 23 on attacks with pepper spray, and 69 journalists have been injured by rubber bullets. At least 45 journalists have been arrested.

This is a grim balance sheet, particularly for a country such as the USA, has written on the Flag, to urge governments abroad to comply with the freedom of the press.

“We see targeted attacks against media professionals.”

Dokhi Fassihian, Director of the U.S. Department of the organization reporters without borders,

even so, Many of these Attacks contributed to the beginning of the protests in Minneapolis, in that city, in the Floyd during a police operation was killed – and where the authorities lost temporarily control of the situation. Since it was a free-lance photographer Linda Tirado, who lost her left eye after she was hit by a rubber bullet by the police. As Ed Ou, a video journalist for NBC News, the police officer pepper was sprayed spray in the face, and him then with a stick beating. And since the much publicized arrest of the CNN-journalists, Omar Jimenez, the police officers away in handcuffs, while he sent with his Crew to you live from the protests.

police officers sprayed him with pepper spray in the face and beat him then with a stick: Ed Ou, a video journalist for NBC News. Photo: Chandan Khanna (AFP)

The Attacks have been limited, however, long ago in Minneapolis. Journalists from different cities of the USA reported attacks and arrests. “We’re not talking about isolated actions,” says Dokhi Fassihian, Director of the U.S. Department of the organization reporters without borders. “Here is a shocking shows pattern of abuse by the police.” The Attacks were also not explained by the fact that the police officers were overwhelmed and journalists could not be distinguished from the alleged rioters. “We see targeted attacks against media professionals,” said Fassihian.

Despite the clear identification

Indeed, many journalists have released Videos that document the attacks on them or show how they have been arrested, although they had identified themselves clearly as media representatives. “Press, press, press,” cried the Reporter, Michael Anthony Adams from Vice News, as he was in Minneapolis in a police operation. In his recording of the incident is heard, as he was a policeman replied: “I don’t care. Down with you.” He then sprayed Adam’s pepper spray in the face. Such incidents are an attack on the Constitution guaranteed freedom of the press, says Fassihian, “and they are also an attack on democracy”.

The Assaults on the press were not limited on Minneapolis: CBS reporter Katie Nielsen is on 1. June 2020 in Oakland, California, during the work arrested.Photo: Stephen Lam (Reuters)

to the Governor of Minnesota, who apologized for the arrest of the CNN team in Minneapolis to the public, have not declared other cities, States, and police forces, mostly for the Attacks. “This is not acceptable,” said Fassihian. The reporters without borders challenge from the governors, to investigate all cases and hold the involved officers accountable.

It is not the first Time …

in previous protests there were Attacks on journalists. In the train of the unrest in Ferguson, which erupted in 2014, after the killing of the African-American Michael Brown, have been at least detained eleven journalists. The present degree of violations is however, in the opinion of many observers, is unprecedented. Professional associations and organizations such as reporters without borders, see the main reason in the rhetoric of U.S. President Donald Trump, has increased its verbal attacks on the media and individual journalists gradually. “He’s demonized in the media,” said Fassihian. “We have been warned long before that, that this would leave traces, and now we see the result.”

Not all of the Attacks on the protests, go to the account of police officers. At least 25 journalists have reported attacks by other people. In Pittsburgh attacked the demonstrators and a cameraman of a local channel, and in the process injured him. In Washington protesters attacked a Crew from Fox News, and pelted them with Projectiles. “A substantial part of the population today has no more trust in the media, and no understanding for the work of journalists,” says Fassihian: “We are at a dangerous point.”

Swiss journalist to be attacked with rubber buckshot.Video: SRF comment please Login to comment