“Against freedom of speech”, organization is suing trump’s Twitter a Organisation that is funded among others by Google, Facebook, Apple and Microsoft, filed in Washington against the US President Donald Trump lawsuit.0 KommentareHat with his favorite medium, Twitter is at loggerheads with US President Donald Trump. (2. June 2020)Keystone/Patrick Semansky

Against the ruling, with the US President, Donald Trump the freedom of action of Twitter and other platforms is able to limit the has been filed a lawsuit. The Order is contrary to the first amendment to the US Constitution, the freedom of speech guarantee.

the organization Center for Democracy and Technology (CDT) argued on Tuesday. They complained therefore, before a district court in the US capital, Washington.

Trump has signed the order, after Twitter had been subjected to a Tweet from the US President, a fact check. Trump had claimed that postal voting increases risk of electoral fraud, which had been referred to in the fact check as wrong.

Far-reaching freedom

“The U.S. President now wants to organize the implementation of a to as Section 230 of the well-known clause. In accordance with this regulation, a 1996 law will not be Online services of any user-published content can be held liable. At the same time, they are the platforms of far-reaching freedom, against certain content or users to proceed. With its available Trump asked the Telecom regulatory FCC and the consumer protection authority, the FTC, the rules for the implementation of the “Section 230” to develop.

The taking of the comprehensive legal protection of Online services targeting – a fundamental pillar of Facebook, Twitter and YouTube in its present Form was made possible.

To the donors of the CDT according to the information of the right-wing think tank Capital Research Center, among others, Google, Facebook, Apple and Microsoft. The companies for an opinion first of all not reachable.

(SDA / chk)

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