The Board of Directors of the Google parent company, Alphabet, has been sued for its handling of sexual harassment in the company and with a data leak of shareholders. The Online company is accused of a “culture of concealment”, as the on Thursday (local time) in a court in San Mateo, California-filed lawsuit. Comments of the Alphabet, or Google it first.

In October, a report from the “New York Times, had shaken” the group, according to the Google held a protective Hand over leaders, sexual harassment or assault has been accused of. The complaint accused the Board of Directors, to have in 2014 and in 2016 a direct role in these cover-UPS played. In addition, a breakdown at the big hand; the Online network Google Plus had been concealed, by a user-originated data leak.

lawyers demand compensation and better corporate governance

The lawyers for the plaintiffs – two American pension funds – want to prove in the litigation that Google has suffered through the misconduct of the Board of Directors damages in the amount of “hundreds of millions of dollars”. This is done by highly doped severance pay for managers, which has been accused of harassment.