Laurens Sweeck (Pauwels Sauzen-Bingoal) has role realized in the car The he on Sunday for the fourth straight time, took the lead. He’s got it, for Those of Herman and Lars van der haar, van Telenet, Baloise Lions.

At the start of The missing Eli Iserbyt, and Michael Vanthourenhout, and on Saturday the winner in Meulebeke-belgium. Also the Belgian champion’s Show for one more Year was out, and as is known, also, Mathieu van der Poel and Wout van Aert were not yet a political party.

if A Tree is missing completely after kettingproblemen, even Those of Herman’s had an unsuccessful start. Well, in the way it was, the Dutchman Lars van der haar. In his wake followed suit, Laurens Sweeck, Tom Meeusen and the rest of the pack. Van der haar was quick, but they disqualify themselves from a fall on the beam and took the whole game to him. Also, Sweeck was briefly detained, and so was Tom Meeusen at the head of the.

< br /> We had a lot of overtaking in the first laps. In part two, there were seven leaders: Dan Sweet, Tom Meeusen, Jim Aernouts, Laurens Sweeck, Quinten Hermans, Van Aerts, and David van der Poel. It was Sweeck, who advanced to the front, as well as its legs, etaleerde. Together with for one more Year, Meeusen, and Herman took it away from the rest of us. The surprise is suddenly when he first walked out. A faulty brake turned out to be the cause of it, but after a fietswissel began the three-times winner of The meet with a achervolging.

< br /> in the mean time, Herman’s at the front of the command has been taken. Halfway through the cross and counted out five seconds of a head start on the Year, 14 and Meeusen and 15 Sweeck.

< br /> The track was muddy and slippery in the, Herman’s was just a trap to avoid in the round of five, and could see the gap shrinking. During this there was also bad luck, and Sweeck was near the bright. Ultimately, Sweeck, just after the start of the second-to-last round, with front-runner Herman to connect.

< br /> the Long and the duo are not samenrijden, in a technical passage, it made Sweeck is the difference, and the meter after the meter and took it. He has performed as a soloist for the glory, for the Herman’s. Year was the battle for third place went to Lars van der haar, just a few Meeusen. Tim Kielich, it was the fifth.