now, Pedro, Elias, a senior, is the father of the tv screen, the face of Pedro Elias, at the age of 83 has died. That is, the presenter announced on Thursday via social media. Elijah senior was set to be shown side by side with his son-in-Control Pedro the programme internetfenomenen.

In the first season, was a former wine merchant, as a regular customer in the public, Then a junior at Spanish quips to die. In the second set, he was only seen as a hologram. Due to health problems, was father of Elijah, who, as a full-blooded Catalan is in Spain, lived in, and it’s not always flying over head to the music. However, he continued to be in the audience of the most popular faces in the show.

with The loss of his father, has been a serious setback in the life of Pedro Elias. His son, Rover and fixes are currently in etc.

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