The transfer of cars from the Bavarian radio in front of the town hall does not fit to the empty streets. The Christmas lights and the medieval houses look cozy, there is nothing to suggest that there is something to report. Without a trace of the attack of the four asylum seekers to twelve passers-by is not gone by a few days ago but at the high school in town. Because even if almost no one is on this evening on the streets of Ambergs on-the-go – every few minutes, patrol, small groups of police officers through the streets. You belong to the squad for the increased police.

Theresa White


F. A. Z.

Michael Cerny, CSU-mayor of the upper Palatinate, small town, smiling, exhausted. Slowly, the excitement subsides, the first is caused by the attacks, and then the four NPD members from Nuremberg, the establishment of “protection zones” called by Amberg moved. Actually, Cerny would like to talk about the air art Museum or the internationally successful industry of his city. But he needs to be hit with criminal aliens and the Right around. “That’s not like us,” he says.

Actually, everything went the way it after a severe Offense needs to run: The police caught the alleged perpetrators quickly, and they arrived in custody. Now you expect your process. Nevertheless, many of the citizens are unsettled. “Through the underpass at the train station I go to, it is bad to view and a whole grape and asylum seekers there is often. I banned my husband. You do not need it calling out,“ says an employee at the town hall. That, however, had been before the attack. Amberg is not a focal point. Cerny says that it is one of the safest communities in Bavaria – according to the statistics. But when it comes to the feelings of the residents, then the Numbers play a minor role.