According to the alleged of asylum seekers, attacks on passers-by in the Bavarian town of Amberg apparently the rights of citizens to defend the city formed. It had been observed in the urban area of the patrolling groups, said Ambergs mayor Michael Cerny (CSU) of the “middle Bavarian newspaper”.

The NPD Nuremberg, published on its Facebook page photographs that show four people in the protection of the West, as you move through Amberg. To the West is: “We create protection zones,” In the Post it says, “When we say ‘Creates #protection zones in #Amberg’, then we mean it.

the mayor Cerny expressed “shocked” about the reactions to the act of violence. “I can understand the confusion, as I see in some of the reactions of amber fond, quite, but this hatred and threats of violence, coming now from all over the country, around the world.”