After twelve weeks, open again – The Zurich zoo were the onslaught grew, around 9000 people visited at the weekend, the new Lewa Savannah in the Zoo of Zurich. The protection concept worked, the waiting times were limited.To queue Hélène Arnet2 Kommentare2Menschenschlange in front of the Zoo: the times it only came on Saturday morning at the opening of the door.Photo: Arnd Wiegmann (Reuters)

Twelve weeks of the zoo were closed due to Corona on Saturday, they were allowed to open again. Some could hardly wait. So a long queue of people formed on Saturday morning in front of the door opening of the zoo of Zurich. The dissolved soon.

In the result, there were only a few of the smaller animal houses, the food stands and the Zoo Shop times. The animal houses may be visited at the Moment only one-way traffic, a traffic light shows if no more people may enter.

announced a Maximum of 2400 people at the same time As the Zurich Zoo, on Monday, visited on Saturday 4373 people to the Zoo, where for the first time, the Lewa Savannah with rhinos and giraffes to the Public. On Sunday, there were 4745 visitors. A maximum of 2400 persons were at the same time in the Zoo. Thus, the admissible maximum limit of 5800 was not reached by far.

The Zoo of Zürich reported for The pandemic-protection concept worked well. The zoo visitors were well informed, had adhered to the spacing rules and the Tickets, as recommended, is usually bought online. The big rush had failed to materialize, should also stick with the change and rainy weather have had to do.

Currently, Tickets are still Online for all the upcoming days. 3000 can be purchased per day online.

Many young animals: Not only in the case of the Zebras, there was in Knie’s children’s zoo in Rapperswil young.Photo: Knie’s children’s zoo

in Knie’s children’s zoo, the reopening went ahead without a hitch. Waiting times there was little, the mood was very peaceful – Yes, grateful – to have been said Franco knees. Young animals there are in the Rapperswil Zoo, the same abound: In the case of the Zebras, and the trample of animals in the giraffes, ring-tailed lemurs, penguins and meerkats.

the Homepage of the Kinderzoos a green or red dot indicates, respectively, whether or not you may have to wait a bit before you are allowed to enter the Zoo.

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