In the case of the alleged extreme-right network within the Frankfurt police, the Hessian Landeskriminalamt (LKA) has taken over the investigation. According to information from the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung was specifically convened a working group, to the charges to clarify. As in the Frankfurter Allgemeine Sonntagszeitung reported, on Saturday publicly that a Drohschreiben against the Frankfurt lawyer Seda Basay-Yildiz was the occasion to ensure that the investigators are only on the network of your colleagues carefully. Now the criminal defense lawyer has practiced massive criticism of the police.

In an interview with the F. A. Z. said Basay-Yildiz, you have to first learn the track in the police myself, “after the case has been reported in the press. I would have wished that the police had previously informed me about it.“ The lawyer had requested since August, when the threatening letter is received by Fax, a number of times with the police, whether there were any new findings. The authority gave her-but not comprehensive information.It is how to get an assessment of whether or not your family must be protected, she said. As reported, had directed the threat specifically against your daughter. It was threatened to “slaughter”. Basay-Yildiz was referred to as the “Türkensau”. Further, it was said, in allusion to their former clients, the Islamists, Sami A.: “are You doing in Germany is not finished.”

Multiple tracks has not yet been evaluated

The LKA had already passed a week ago to take over the investigation. The Wiesbaden-based authority had been informed according to information from the press about the case. And also the threat against the lawyer has not been communicated to the LKA, although there is regularly the hazard analyses. The Drohschreiben was within the police, and in the case of each of the media known for some time. However, investigators and prosecutors had expressed concern that an early publication of the case could jeopardise the investigation significantly. In fact, several tracks have not been evaluated yet. About the threats of the “Frankfurter Neue Presse reported, after all, had on Saturday”.

it is Unclear yet how exactly the network of the five police officers linked to the Drohschreiben against the lawyer. Because may be other people involved in the threats, which were received by the attorney under the heading of “NSU 2.0” anonymous. Even within the police is not excluded, that it could be at the end of a case of “much larger scale”.