A more than three months ago in Turkey, arrested the Austrians fired on Christmas eve from prison and immediately re-arrested and detained. The journalist Max Zirngast, for the ban to apply, could be issued official documents on Tuesday, told the Austrian Agency APA, citing foreign Ministry spokesman Peter Guschelbauer. Only then the man should come free.

A court in Ankara had ordered on Monday the dismissal Zirngasts. However, he is not allowed to leave the country then continue to and must report every week to the police. The 29-Year-old, derseit 2015 policy studied science at the Technical University of the Middle East in Ankara, working for various left-wing media, including the American magazine “Jacobin”. Most recently, he dealt critically with the relationship of Turkey to the outlawed Kurdish workers ‘ party PKK. According to the newspaper”Hürriyet” is accused of being a member of a terrorist organisation. Process kick-off was at 11. April, said his lawyer, the news Agency.

The wrong books

Zirngast had been taken in September and last sat in a high-security prison near Ankara in. In the past month in the “Washington Post” published article, he wrote that authorities had questioned him because of the books they had found in his apartment, as well as to an article in “Jacobin”, in which he is said to have insulted President Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

Austria’s foreign Minister Karin Kneissl said, you welcome the “possible dismissal” Zirngasts. The government will “continue to press for a speedy resolution of the criminal proceedings,” wrote Kneissl on Twitter.