After one year trip around the world: Back in the rat race


    Already that you need a cap … ! And this darkness! Anke Roser quarrels with the Winter: “for A whole year we had nothing but summer and the sun!” The previous summer, the family had extended Roser after a trip to southern Europe and Morocco, then it went to a brief stopover in the home country via Malaysia to new Zealand. From there, the family made trips to Australia and the South Pacific island of Vanuatu. Later, she met friends who were on holiday in Vietnam, before we went back home to one last exciting Trip: Cycling through Austria to Slovenia. Sabbatical it’s called a permanent vacation on the coin.

    Susanne Preuß

    business correspondent in Stuttgart, Germany.

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    Now, therefore, caps and fog. And To-do lists. “Ten points in business, three appointments for the children, and if a point is good for me … “, said Anke Roser from the everyday life that has obtained since this autumn. “I’ve already gefremdelt with this world,” she says: “Constantly work to have to demand it of me.”

    you Can make after a Vagabond year, simply continue as before? It is a Chance to start fresh elated in a new career section? Or a brings Roser of the return of the Blues? The work stress right now, where one is accustomed to doing nothing? In April, as the F. reported for the first Time on the family trip around the world of the Roser, they promised to tell, even about this exciting time in accordance with the Sabbatical: How would it be to return to everyday life?

    From the first day to Boss

    Anke Roser has to Work anyway, in a completely new role. Before the Sabbatical, this was purely a formal parents considered in your case the time, she worked at the laser specialist Trumpf as a team leader in the communication. Now the 42-year-old Humanities student for Marketing and communications at the Trumpf subsidiary Axoom is responsible. Three years ago, Axoom was founded as a kind of Start-up, the should be independent of trump to develop Software in the area of industry 4.0. The beautiful new Start-up world but it’s not a hammock. From the very first day you had to Head for a Team of three people. And in Karlsruhe, which means at peak times loose an hour’s drive from their place of residence.

    the home office is an Option, which she appreciates: “It is good that the children know that mom is there.” A part of the working hours she spends in the trump-Central, where also some other Axoom colleagues have their job. “You must not be always physically present, there’s Skype,” says Anke Roser. What helps her is her Sunny nature: “I’ve always been a calm, positive thinking person. Now, after our trip, I try even more than before, with my gaiety and light-heartedness to infect.“

    New Job with the old employer

    in Addition to the flexible places of work. due to a part-time every Wednesday is a free day; almost as a big break for herself and for the children between the professional constraints For this, you have fought hard, said Anke Roser: “A knowledge of the world trip was: I want to have more time for the family.” Your working time arrangement prior to the trip around the world she describes in retrospect as a little family-friendly organized: Always too little time and too much hustle and bustle.