After intake of Malaria-means – So it stands to Trumps GesundheitIn the United States is that the President regularly publishes his fitness data. A good 110 kilograms of Donald Trump brings on the scale. The latest results in Detail.5 Kommentare5Arzt Sean Conley stated that Donald Trump had completed the treatment with the Malaria-resources “safely and without side effects”.Photo: Reuters

A distinctive feature of US politics is that the President must disclose from time to time, as it is to your health ordered. Legally, this is not mandatory, it is not but become a kind of Ritual, to the Donald Trump around. For the third Time in his tenure, the US President to the publication of certain health check underwent. The results, the White house announced on Wednesday.

Trumps doctor Sean Conley writes in his short report, the President continues to be healthy. In the past few weeks, Trump had made because of a controversial taking the Malaria drug hydroxychloroquine to the Corona prophylaxis headlines. For two weeks he took the drug, although there is no reliable scientific evidence of the efficacy of the drug in connection with the Coronavirus, and the U.S. food and drug administration (FDA) more on health risks points. Conley said, however, Trump had completed the treatment with the means of “safe and without side effects”.

a Review of the mental abilities

And else is omitted? Trump weighs in accordance with the current values that are always included in great detail, a good 110 kilograms. This is about as much as in the recent health check in the past year. With its body size of about 1.90 meters, Trump is the calculation of Body Mass Index but slightly above the threshold of 30 and is, thus, considered in the statistics as being obese.

The health check at the beginning of 2018 Trump had brought 108,4 kg on the scale. Trump’s former personal physician, Ronny Jackson advised the President at the time, already at this weight to lose weight and verdonnerte him to diet and exercise. The aim was, in the words of Jackson, that Trump will lose a good five pounds.

at the Time, Trump had to let his intellectual abilities to officially check. To this end, he made a Test of how he is, among other things, for the early detection of all suspected dementia and Alzheimer’s is applied. The Patient needs to recognize roughly drawn animals such as a lion or a Rhino or a cube trace. Any questions, aimed at concentration and memory come. Trump stock at the time, with 30 out of 30 points, and was hoping to put this result of speculation with a view to its mental ability to exercise the office to an end. In the past, and this year, he refused such a Check.

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