In the case of the dead baby Mia from Duisburg, has revealed a DNA comparison with a further in Duisburg, Germany, discovered the dead infant is no Match. The two girls are not sisters, police said on Friday. The mother of Mia will be sought accordingly.

MIA’s body had been found in the middle of November in a sorting system for used clothing in the Polish city of Kielce. The dress collection came but from Duisburg. Investigators believe that the Baby was stored in a Container. As the suspects mother, a 35-year-old woman from the district was initially Rumeln. The youth welfare office had care for the woman.

the police officers found her in fact, another dead infant and suspected initially to be a sibling of Mia. A judge issued an arrest warrant for manslaughter. The woman gave in to their questioning, to have in her apartment found the child. But she denied to have anything to do with the in Poland, discovered the baby’s corpse out of the old clothes container. As the autopsy results and subsequent investigations by the state criminal police office have confirmed that the children are not siblings.