The two arrested in the case of the targeted drones-interfering actions at the London Gatwick airport again on free foot. You would no longer under suspicion, said on Sunday Jason Tingley of the police in the County of Sussex. The 47-year-old man and 54-year-old woman had been in the Interrogation very cooperative. Both originate from the town of Crawley, which is only about eight kilometres from the Airport.

the British media is that it is a married couple. The 47-Year-old was a window fitter and excited about drones and remote-controlled helicopters. His employer, however, had contradicted the allegations: The man I worked for during the disruptive actions and be absolutely reliable. Neighbors described him as a hard-working, unobtrusive, two-time father. In addition, it was found on Sunday near the airport, apparently a destroyed drone, as reported by British media. The police wanted the aircraft will now examine in more detail.

a Total of 140,000 passengers affected

In Gatwick could be included under the on Saturday to the delight of many Christmas vacationers in the flight operation. Around 40 had been previously sighted drones. Gatwick is the seventh largest airport in Europe and the second largest in the UK.

Overall, were down as a precautionary measure, since Wednesday evening, about 1000 flights or diverted. An airport were affected spokesman reported that a total of 140,000 passengers. A number of them stranded in Gatwick and slept on the bare ground.