The year-long open conflict between Taxis and Minicabs for hire in the North of Hesse has come to an end. After a protest action in the summer has got dissolved the community of interest of Kassel, taxi driver (IGKT), meanwhile, said the former speaker Mario Birle. The taxi driver resigned in a dispute over illegal methods of some of the competitors: “It has not brought much. Under these conditions, we had to close not in the mood.“

The IGKT represented, each with their own 120 taxi drivers. You had asked in the summer with a motorcade in Kassel, tighter controls of the competition. Rental cars with drivers, often Minicar called to fight for the same customers such as Taxis, and are allowed to set their own prices. You apply as a cheaper Alternative, will have to adhere to certain rules. It is argued, among other things, the obligation to Return. So car need to drive the driver according to order to your Garage. You may not have to wait as Taxis at railway stations. It the hire car, so the taxi driver stopped.

to the authorities

According to the German Taxi – and rental car Association in similar conflicts exist in other large cities. The Association, he represents both sides. In the state of Hesse in the North, it is affected. In the South of Hesse, there are only a few car hire drivers. Hesse far-their number is increasing, but in 2016 a total of registered 4234 car hire in Hesse (plus 16.1 per cent year-on-year), there were 4106 Taxis (plus 2.2 percent). New Figures are to be collected in 2020.