The alleged perpetrator of the high-rise fire in Hattersheimim in the Main-Taunus-Kreis in psychiatry. A doctor had examined the 42-year-old and a mental illness, hereby certify, said a police spokesman on Tuesday. Grounds for detention were not met.

The man is suspected to have a high-rise fire on Sunday, in which at least three people have been injured, negligently caused. According to police, he said.

All the floors re-released

182 people were in the 17-storey the count of reported high-rise building. Many of them had to save the fire brigade the fire with ladders on balconies. The police arrested the man in whose apartment on the third floor the fire broke out.

Now all the floors are released, said the police spokesman. A structural engineer had to inspect the fire room closer. The investigations for the exact cause of fire and amount of damage is still ongoing.