Unlocking the Tourism Potential of Africa’s Largest Country

Algeria, the largest country in Africa, is aiming to transform itself into a top tourist destination, shedding its current status as an undiscovered gem in the world of travel. Despite boasting Roman and Islamic sites, stunning landscapes, and proximity to Europe, Algeria has struggled to attract visitors compared to its neighboring countries like Morocco and Tunisia.

In 2023, Algeria only welcomed 3.3 million foreign tourists, a stark contrast to Morocco’s 14.5 million visitors. The country’s neglected tourism sector is now being targeted for growth, with plans to attract 12 million tourists by 2030.

To achieve this goal, Algeria is focusing on improving its visa system, transportation infrastructure, and attracting both local and foreign investors to support the tourism industry. The National Tourism Office is also working on building new hotels, renovating historical sites, and developing tourism projects across the country.

Despite the potential for growth, challenges remain in fully realizing Algeria’s tourism prospects. Infrastructure improvements are needed to make the country more attractive to visitors, which in turn could create more job opportunities in the tourism sector. Morocco, for example, provides 700,000 direct jobs in tourism, highlighting the economic benefits of a thriving travel industry.

Algeria’s journey to becoming a top tourist destination is still ongoing, but with the right investments and developments, the country has the potential to become a must-visit destination for travelers seeking unique cultural experiences and breathtaking landscapes.