Africa must prepare for the worst


“Africa must prepare for the worst”In Africa, there are relatively few Corona. However, experts warn of the rapid spread of the Virus with disastrous consequences.Vincenzo capodici preparing for the worst-case scenario: a Nurse in a protective suit during a training Exercise in a hospital in Harare (Zimbabwe).Keystone

While Europe is the epicenter of the Corona pandemic, reported the countries in Africa are relatively low, Infected and numbers of victims, and although many African countries have close economic ties to China, where the disease had taken its beginning. Until the weekend, around 50 people Covid-19, and the number of detected Corona died of infections was around 1200.

The Figures in this snapshot, however, are deceptive. On the one hand, the Corona, have increased cases in the last few days. On the other hand, the actual number of infected persons is not likely to be much higher, because the capacity for large-scale Corona Tests on the vast continent are far from sufficient. After all, there are now, thanks to international aid in almost all African countries, laboratories that can demonstrate the Coronavirus.

warning-the WHO

in view of the speed with which the Corona Virus is spreading exponentially, are entitled to Provide to Africa. The Virus could hit poor countries with weak health systems, fears Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, Director of the world health organization (WHO). “The best advice to Africa is to prepare for the worst and immediately start with,” said the Ethiopia-born WHO’s boss in the last week.

According to estimates by the WHO must adjust to the African States to ensure that the global comparison of very low infection numbers soon will rapidly increase. The pandemic could be deadly, as in Asia and Europe. Overcrowded cities and Slums, where poverty and Hygiene precarious, could develop to herds of dangerous Disease. In addition, there is a lack of hospital beds, nursing staff, as well as ventilation machines.

curfews and closed borders

In the fight against the Coronavirus have taken a number of countries in Africa already drastic measures. Many governments had entry bans for citizens of the most affected by the pandemic-affected countries. Rwanda has imposed a lock in addition, an output, and closed his country’s borders. Nigeria’s government school closures and restrictions on religious assemblies ordered. In Morocco, an output is inhibited. In Egypt, mosques and churches were closed.

Egypt’s 285-Corona-cases and 8 deaths, the most affected country in Africa, such as the WHO Numbers from the weekend show. In Egypt, on 14. February, the first Corona case on the African continent has been registered. It was a travelled Chinaman. In most cases, the Coronavirus of travellers from Europe was introduced, as the statistics show. Around 40 of the 54 countries on the African continent where around 1.3 billion people live, have been reported in Corona cases.

protection against coronavirus infection: In a shopping center in Johannesburg, a security officer sprayed a customer of disinfectant on the hands. Photo: Keystone

South of the Sahara, South Africa, with 240 Infected, but still 0 deaths is the most affected. South African President Cyril Ramaphosa said in a televised speech already of an impending “national disaster”. Two weeks ago, yet we were told in South Africa Corona-jokes about the “African immunity”. Meanwhile, all of South Africa are closed niches, schools, in addition, output restrictions apply.

Germany’s best-known virologist Christian Drosten, a look of concern to Africa. “In the countries of Africa will occur this summer in the Peak of the infections,” said the Advisor to the German government in a “star”Interview. “We are yet to experience, that people die on the streets. It’s gonna be bad in Africa, very bad.”

experience in dealing with epidemics

In the fight against the Coronavirus, but there are also reasons to be optimistic. Because Africa has experience in dealing with epidemics, it may, for example, rely on Lessons learned from the outbreaks of the more aggressive Ebola virus.

As the beginning of March, a passenger from Brussels landed at the international airport in Cameroon’s capital of Yaoundé with a fever, he was immediately in a hospital brought. Four hours later, a Coronavirus was diagnosed in the husband-infection. Such health checks at airports but also at land borders in Cameroon and other African countries on the agenda – and this, long before the novel Coronavirus broke out in the Chinese city of Wuhan.

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