Deutsche Telekom revised in the light of the debate about the safety of the network elements of Chinese manufacturers, their cooperation with suppliers. “We currently assess our sourcing strategy,” said Europe’s largest Telecom companies.

The Telekom will take the global discussion “very seriously”. Already now, the group not only work with a service provider. But network elements buy about of the European manufacturers Ericsson and Nokia, the American Technology company Cisco and the Chinese company Huawei.

The American secret services before throwing especially as Huawei, to maintain Connections to the government in Beijing. You suspect equipment or mobile phones could contain for spies a back door to get to the heads of state or commercial secrets.

Huawei rejects this. With reference to security concerns, the group has been excluded from the 5G rollout in Australia and new Zealand. Headlines for the arrest of the chief financial officer in Canada, who is now on bail to walk free also.